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Standing down from CEO of the AoD temporarily

As CEO of the Alliance of Droids for the past 2 and a half years, the time has come for me to step down temporarily from the Board. This post is what it will mean, and why.


Why am I stepping down?

Over the past few months, I have had a lot of trouble with a few things. Chief of those is balancing the AoD duties with High School. There is also the problems with my mental health and my depression.

Being the CEO of the AoD has been beneficial and has made me very happy, however for the following year I will no longer be CEO. Here is what that will mean for the rest of the AoD.


Droids Council vs. Board

The Board of Directors is the public face of the Alliance. The CEO, Chairman, and the heads of the department are on the Board. The Board also deals with financial and external subjects, i.e. media relations.

The Droids Council is made up of AoD droidlings that have completed the following requirements:

  • At least Level 15
  • Built a form of droid
  • 1-year member
  • Specialist of your department

The duties of the Droids Council are as follows:

  • Building droids – every droid that is built by the Alliance has been somewhat influenced by the DC
  • New members – allowing new members
  • Sending droid news out
  • Co-ordinating droid building

Remember, being a specialist of your department means:

  • At least 5 of your levels being from your droidfolios with your department
  • Completing 1 droid

Once elected to the Droids Council, you are there forever. Here is how it works:

  • We have sections of the DC
    • Current droidlings
      • Department Specialists/Heads
    • Former droidlings
      • Deceased
        • Department Specialists/Heads
      • Retired
        • Department Specialists/Heads

The reason why we have a section for the former droidlings is because of the work that they have put in, and to memoralize them in the DC. If the former DC members are not deceased, they can still take part in meetings, even after leaving the AoD. During DC meetings, we will have the initials of each past and present member of the DC spoken in a thank-you.

The Droids Council has a CEO, Chairman, etc that handles external information and droid-related items. Currently, I am Co-Chairman and Droid Dept. Specialist in the DC, Nick is the Co-Chairman and CEO of the DC

Therefore I will always be a member of the Droids Council.


My Duties after standing down

The Duties that I have after stepping down will be as follows:

  • Maintaining the site
  • A0-D2
  • Designing droids
  • Somewhat public face of the AoD

I will be coming back to the leadership, for now I hope Nick, Josh, Matthew and many others will be able to stand up in this moment of need.

Thanks for reading,

Limo Arbuckle, Co-Chairman of the DC, former CEO of the Board, Co-Founder

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