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An Introduction by My Disability Matters Club Member Kristy

Hi I’m Kristy

I’ve never done a Blog before and don’t know if this is how you do it!  but here goes…

I love chocolate, I love eating different types of food from different countries.

I love traveling to different countries. I love shopping, having my hair nails and make-up done

I love my furbaby Bella

I love going to my workplace every day.

I love sailing at sailability, Surfing at surfability,

Going on the ferry across the way into the city.

I like clubbing, meeting and gawking at ‘members of the opposite sex “GUYS!

I love meeting new friends

I would love to know how to do a BLOG!

Please feel free to tell me. Let me know how it’s done???

p.s  This is a photo of the play  ‘Priscilla Queen of the Dessert’ that I went to see in the city


Note from Dale, the founder of My Disability Matters Community: Thanks very much for this great introduction about yourself. If you are a member of the My Disability Matters Community you can leave a comment / reply below to say hello or post your thoughts to join in the discussion. If you aren’t a member already then why not join the My Disability Matters Community and meet other people, make friends and get support. The My Disability Matters Club is a safe, respectful and tolerant online community for everyone so we look forward to you joining us.


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