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The MDM Club is the social network for you

Meet new friends in the disability community
MDM Rewards gives you access to shopping discounts
The MDM eBook Library is yours to discover and download

Meet New People

Make new friends with people who understand you.

Some will live nearby and others will be on the other side of the world.

Save everyday

Endless savings from Australia’s leading brands, Save 5%, 10% and more with many stores every time you shop.

Save 5% every week on groceries, fuel, pharmacy items and more. Save on less frequent items like furniture and electronics.


eBook Library

New titles every month.

Download all eBooks and eBooklets that interest you (PDF format).

Self help, health, disability, wellbeing and more.

Enjoy the MDM Club

Premium Members are full members of the MDM Club

Your Profile

  • Personalise your profile with a profile image and cover photo
  • Add in a few words about yourself, add photos and videos

Participate in the Community

  • Read updates from other members, comment and chat
  • Update your status to share what is happening in your life or a story you found online

Join Groups

  • Join (or even create) groups to find people with common interests
  • Find people from your country or region

MDM Club Members' Blog

  • Any member can submit a blog post for publication
  • A great opportunity to get started with writing and share your thoughts and experiences

Less Ads for You

  • As a Premium Member you will not see any advertising in your activity stream
  • Enjoy the MDM Club without advertising and focus on your new friends

Note: The standard MDM Club membership is free and excludes premium benefits including MDM Rewards and the eBook Library

Endless Savings from Leading Brands

Here’s how it works


1. Join the MDM Club

Join the MDM Club as a Premium Member and you are automatically a member of MDM Rewards.

2. Shop & Get Rewarded

Access exclusive offers, discounts and benefits whilst earning bonus points for every dollar spent


3. Redeem Points

Use your points for further savings on leading brands and products in the eStore

Here are just some of the rewards waiting for you…

Enjoy discounts to hundreds of leading Australian retailers

Note: MDM Rewards provides discounts at Australian stores only.

Redeem points on thousands of products available in the eStore

The MDM Club eBook Library

Exclusively for Premium Members


Browse the eBook Library

Join the MDM Club as a Premium Member and you have exclusive access to the MDM Club eBook Library.

Browse all current titles and get new titles each month.

Topics related to self help, health, disability, wellbeing and more.

Download your copy

Download all eBooks and eBooklets that interest you.

Save to your computer to reference when you need.

Titles include: Overcoming Loneliness, Understanding & Managing Anxiety, Improve Your Social Skills, and Conquer – How to Face Your Fears Head On

Full and Free Access for 14 Days

Start saving today with your free trial

Enjoy a 14 Day Free Trial

Premium Membership will cost you as little as $1.50 per week.

You can start today with a free 14 day trial.

Join today, have a look around, and start saving money through MDM Rewards before you pay a cent.

Dale Reardon and Charlie, his seeing eye dog

Do you have a business?

Are your customers in the disability community?

The MDM Club Business Membership is for you if you wish to promote your business (including charities and NFP) to the disability community.

Click here to read all about the MDM Club Business Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I save with MDM Rewards?

The savings are unlimited, however the amount you save is limited by how much you spend.

For example, if you normally spend $100 a week on groceries, you can save 5% each time. That adds up to $20 per month which is more than double your monthly fee to be a Premium Member.

Then, if you add in other regular expenses of say $500 per month, you may save an average of 6% (or more) across several stores. This adds up to another $30 saving.

Those two examples alone save you $50 per month, for an outlay of only $8 per month. Definitely a bargain!

The range of retailers cover all your normal everyday living expenses – like groceries, fuel, pharmacy – as well as retailers that you will use less often for things like household goods, electronics, furniture, travel and more.

What does it cost to join?

The Premium Membership option is available for a small monthly or annual fee, as shown at the bottom of this page. Membership can be as low as $1.50 per week.

This provides you with access to MDM Rewards (discounts at Australian retailers) and the MDM Club eBook library. Plus, advertising is removed from your activity stream inside the Club.

You can join the MDM Club with a standard membership, which is free. You will get all the benefits of the social network, but will not have access to MDM Rewards or the eBook Library. You will also see ads in your activity stream.

We want this community to be large and busy, so that everyone can benefit from the discussions, ideas and experiences of others. To allow this to be provided for free to standard members and low cost to premium members, you will see advertising on the site. We hope that some of these ads are useful to you as well.

In addition, we sell business memberships for people who want to promote their products and services to members of The Club. There are restrictions on the type and frequency of promotional activity.

Will there be lots of information to help me?

The My Disability Matters Club is growing quickly and becoming busier every week. You will find lots of people to talk with and information to help you.

As soon as you join you can start to chat to other members. It is the people who make this community great and help you with any problems you have and need advice on.

We also ask for you to support us by spreading the word about the MDM Club. The more people who join, the more participants there will be in the discussions to help everyone.

Does it matter where I live?

We welcome MDM Club members from anywhere in the world. There will certainly be opportunities to learn from and help each other, wherever our members live.

As for any community, there will be some things that are relevant to you and some things that are not.

We have added groups for some countries for members to talk about issues that only affect residents of that country. This makes it easier for you to find this information at any time. It is also a way to find friends who live closer to you.

MDM Rewards, which is a significant benefit for Premium Members, is currently only available to Australian members.

Can I promote my business in the MDM Club?

Yes, you are welcome to promote your business (including charities and not-for-profit organisations) if you are a Business Member.

Personal Members, who join for free, and Premium Members are not permitted to promote a business for commercial purposes.

Click here to read all about the inclusions and benefits of a Business Membership

More questions?

If you have further questions before deciding to join us as a Club Member, then please click on Help in the menu.

Remember, you can join today as a Premium Member with a 14 day free trial. So why not jump in and have a look around.

The MDM Club is for you if…

You want to participate in the community and make friends
You need support and advice when facing problems
You want to be informed about disability issues

Girl by a river

You live with disability

This is the community created for you. Join to meet new friends.

You are a family member or carer

This community is also for carers and family members of people with disability.

You have an interest in disability

You work in the disability services sector or have an interest in disability issues.

You want to save money shopping

Join as a Premium Member and enjoy all the Club benefits plus discounts through MDM Rewards.

Join the MDM Club today

We look forward to meeting you inside

Looking for a business membership? Click here for more info

By joining the MDM Club you agree to the Terms and Conditions and to commit to the MDM Club Respect Pledge.

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