Premium Membership of the MDM Club

From this page you can quickly access the additional benefits of Premium Membership.


Not a Premium Member?

If you are not a Premium Member you can upgrade at any time.

Click here to learn all about Premium Membership and to upgrade.


MDM Rewards

MDM Rewards provides you with shopping discounts at hundreds of Australian stores.

Click here to access MDM Rewards


MDM Club eBook Library

The MDM Club eBook Library is exclusive to Premium Members.

Click here to access the MDM Club eBook Library


Advertising in your activity stream

Premium Members will have advertising removed from their activity stream.

We are working on an automatic solution for this, however for now the advertising setting is linked to membership of the Premium Members Group.

To remove advertising from your activity stream, click on the link below to request membership of the Premium Members Group. Once approved as a member, you will notice that ads will disappear from your activity stream.

The Premium Members Group is a closed group where you can talk with other Premium Members and perhaps get some tips on saving more money with MDM Rewards. Or perhaps discuss ideas for some topics you would like to see in the eBook Library.

Click here to join the Premium Members Group


Not from Australia?

For now, one of the key benefits of Premium Membership – MDM Rewards – is only available to Australian members as it provides discounts at Australian stores only. However, if you are not in Australia we would love to know if you would be interested in a similar program in your country.

Click on the link below for your country to register your interest (click only, no form to complete).


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