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CPP disability benefits in Canada – The court decides

Good morning Everyone,

Anyone from Canada, on permanent disability, will want to be dialed in to this upcoming case: Reilly vs. Ford. The case starts tomorrow, June 18th, and the matter being challenged is that of Insurance Companies deducting CPP disability payments off insurance payments, dollar for dollar.

It is a very interesting case, as the Tribunal dismissed all but this issue in the case. As many of you probably are aware, as you sit in chronic pain, and develop more and more conditions as time passes you by, and with the medication that seems to slow your brain functions down, you don’t think much about anything other than doing your best to get through each day, while also doing all you can to improve your quality of life. This Person, “Reilly”, had enough insight to think…hey, wait a minute…I paid into both benefits whilst employed…right? True story! Didn’t take much to realize that truth! Then there’s the real issue… Not Everyone who is categorized as “permanently disabled” by their insurance, is also categorized as such, with CPP, as they have stricter criteria. Therefore, they have accepted the fact, that when you are awarded CPP, it is acknowledgement that your condition(s)/disability(ies) are long-term and chronic, and your treatment(s) are also more costly, and you also require more help, with some/all aspects of daily living, and that help should come in the form off CPP disability payments? And with that reasoning, they are agreeing that “Reilly” is being discriminated against, on the basis of his disability! Good call!

I am praying “Reilly” wins this case…

Enjoy your day Everyone 🙂


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