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Who can join?

The MDM Club is for people from all countries.

We welcome all people with disability plus their family, friends and carers, and others who have a connection with disability.

We also welcome those who work in the disability sector.

Which disabilities?

Our members experience a wide range of disabilities including physical, sensory, autism, developmental and mental illness.

Of course you only share and talk about your disability if you choose.

Respect and Tolerance

 We take your online safety seriously. 

Bullies, trolls and scammers are not welcome and are removed from the Club.

All members agree to the MDM Club Respect and Tolerance Pledge.

What Our Members Say About The MDM Club

MDM Club members come from all walks of life and all over the world

You will find people who understand you inside the Club

Lexi Acevedo-Allen

I Fit In

The MDM club has been a great way for me to fit in and be able to express how I feel to others without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

I know that people on this site struggle with similar things that I do and it is very comforting.

Taya Nielsen

Loving this!

Living in an area housing few physically challenged people, MDM Club lets me feel a little less alone.

I’ve spent years talking only to doctors & physios about my issues. To hear others with similar issues – and solutions – makes me feel much less stressed.

To say ‘thank you’ seems an understatement.

Marit Egseth

I think it's a great community

I think its a great site as I love meeting all types of people from different countries.

We can exchange experience about how to deal with having a condition or simply talk about what happens in our life.

I have one regular email friend from MDM and I enjoy the groups discussion.

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