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My name is Jerusha. I am a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences) undergraduate at Victoria University and a current Biomedical Sciences Honours recipient at RMIT University.

I am seeking advocacy from you (or someone else you knew) for a pathway/entry scheme for aspiring medical students with disabilities. This is because the GAMSAT and multiple mini interview as current admissions requirements has proved to be a significant barrier to many students with disabilities and are putting those students at a disadvantage. Something similar is already offered to indigenous students as evidenced here:

Students with handwriting, speech and reading difficulties struggle to complete the GAMSAT under the current provisions of reasonable adjustments. Gathering resources and funded support is also difficult for someone (to properly prepare for the exam) with a disability because ACER (the organisation that runs GAMSAT tests is independent of the university).

My friends and I think it would great if universities offered a pathway or entry scheme to aspiring medical students with disabilities that could ensure that no discrimination is initiated at any point of admissions, disadvantage is considered, and special consideration is offered.

My friends and I have experienced similar experiences of disadvantage and want to do something to change the scope of entry into medicine for the disabled. We believe that something needs to done to ensure justice and equality is maintained. We see the value and positive influence that doctors and medical students with a disability can have on the medical field.

This volunteer role would include tasks such as liaising with medical schools and Medical Deans (a organization that has made a policy document that could potentially discriminate students with disabilities upon entering into the profession of medicine) on behalf of students. There is a strong and enduring belief that ACER has secretly established polices based on this document and are deterring capable students from the medical profession.

If you are able to support me regarding this, please message me.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Kind regards,


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