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Open letter to MP in regards to NDIS

My name is Kathryn Gilbert and I am a 33-year-old mum who has just moved up to Brisbane Queensland. I have bipolar, PTSD, depression and anxiety. My 3 children Kaelab aged 8, Tyler aged 5 and Christian aged 4 all have a diagnosis of autism. Kaelab also has ADHD and a mild intellectual disability.

I had a significant life event happen last year in my partner of 9 years passing away in June. I have moved up to Queensland to be closer to family. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out well as I moved in with my sister and I’ve been suffering family violence for the last 6 months. After she and her boyfriend attacked me a couple of weeks ago in front of my children, I had enough and called the police. While they weren’t very helpful, I finally felt strong enough to flee the violence. I have also recently spent 2 and a half weeks in a mental health ward. All of this the NDIS knew.

I have had NDIS plans for 3 years now and for those 3 years I’ve always had social and community participation included in the boys plans. Kaelab was attending prior to NDIS so they had no problems including it in his. I got $2000 added to each of the other boys when my last one was diagnosed.

I’ve never asked for anything from the NDIS other than the recommended therapies from the paediatrician and a small amount for social and community participation. Given my mental health and the multiple disabilities in the family, I could have asked for so much more in Home support.

The boys plans have all just been reviewed and I have just seen that my youngest two social community participation have been cut out completely and my eldest has been cut over half.

I know respite isn’t a word we use within the NDIS but now more then ever I need the extra assistance. I don’t know why it would be taken away when so much has happened in the last year to show that the extra assistance in caring for the children is needed.

I have asked for an internal review but I’ve also been told to contact you as you may be able to help.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Kathryn Gilbert