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An Eccentric Child

I wrote this blog post on my website, a few months before I self-diagnosed myself as autistic. Looking back, it covers a lot of what were actually symptoms. It’s funny how these things turn out. An extract follows.

I was an eccentric child. In both good and bad ways. I was an intelligent child, who lacked social sense early on, had Anxiety and was the daughter of an eccentric woman. A lot of my eccentricities I don’t even recall. My Best Friend informed me that one day, in Primary School, I insisted on grabbing my thigh and telling them to “get some leg”. I don’t doubt the truth of this story.

Indeed you already know about my wont to pretend to be a lizard, which resulted in my being poked with sticks by my peers. Add to my own oddities, the fact I had an English accent in NZ schools (an apparently incredibly amusing/outrageous quality) and perhaps it is not a mystery why I would get sticked from time to time.

When I was about four or five years old, I would sit and talk to my reflection , as I was of the firm belief that what I saw there was a parallel universe me. She was a princess of a war-torn dimension; she had it rough.


You can read more here, on my personal blog.


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