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Moving from DLA to PIP

Hello once again… Today I’m going to be talking about the transition from DLA (Disability Living Allowance) to PIP (Personal Independence Payment). I don’t really understand the difference, but some of my friends, who have already been moved over, have said that PIP is better.

I am dreading the day that they call me in for assessment…  I have an indefinite award for DLA, so why do I have to see someone to prove I’m disabled? My Cerebral Palsy will not get any worse OR better, what you see is what you get with me. Cerebral Palsy is permanent brain damage! When will these people understand this?

Alright, I know that some people’s disabilities may change, and some people may get better, but people with disabilities that do not get better should not be made to have an assessment to enable them to claim PIP! Lots of different people have DLA or PIP for lots of different reasons, whether they have a physical or mental disability, they should not have to be assessed for PIP if they already claim a lifetime award for DLA.

If you’re anything like me, then going for a PIP assessment will make you anxious and stressed. Even though I know I will be receiving PIP, I am still worried about attending my PIP assessment. It gets worse as time goes on, it just builds up… Especially seeing as I have no clue when it is likely to be! It’s fear of the unknown… Will it be next week? Next month? Next year? Two years time? It is horrible. I don’t even know who will carry out the assessment, you would think it would be a health professional, wouldn’t you? I have heard otherwise.

Have you had any experience with these types of situations?

Thanks for reading.


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