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Clarification on Rules of My Disability Matters Community Around Photos & Images

Rules of My Disability Matters Community Regarding Images and Photos

Based on some reported content we have had recently I wanted to update everyone on our view and policy on certain types of content.

The My Disability Matters Community is here to ensure that members are not subjected to harassment, bullying, trolling, abuse, ridicule and similar conduct. As our home page states the MDM Club is based on tolerance and respect – this means that you deserve the respect and tolerance of other members, but you must also show other members tolerance and respect. Part of showing tolerance and respect is appreciating that we all have different standards and opinions on some types of images.

We however do not wish to impose any morals upon the community.

We have no problem at all with members posting what I shall describe as scantily clad pictures – photos of yourself with very few clothes, cleavage (breasts) showing, bikinis, muscle bulging male chests etc. These types of images fall into what we think is a personal preference and if you are personally offended, or simply don’t want to see such images then please just block the offending member or unfriend them if you are a friend so that you will not keep seeing such images.

I do note that posting explicit photos of people other than yourself without their permission would definitely breach our community rules. However posting photos of yourself on your own personal profile and not harassing anyone else with those images is entirely fine with us.

Some members are also posting what could be called affirmations, motivational quotes on their profile or in groups. Again we have absolutely no issue with this – if you don’t want to see such things then just block the person.

Again I want to stress that we as the founders and admins of My Disability Matters Community are here to ensure the safety, respect and tolerance of all members, not to impose ours, or anyone elses morals onto other members.

The Rules and Guidelines for the MDM Club are detailed in the Help Centre. We ask for all members to read these guidelines and follow the tips to protect themselves online.

We have a helpdesk article here on how to block members if you wish to do that.

And of course you are still able to report any inappropriate behaviour and you won’t suffer any adverse consequences just because you report something.

If you have any feedback on what our moderation policies should be you are welcome to leave a comment below or send us a message through our contact form so we can consider any changes that our community wants to see.

And of course if you aren’t already a member of the My Disability Matters Community for the disability sector just follow the link and you can quickly join and be meeting others, making friends and getting peer support in no time.



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