My Disability Matters Club

My Unfinished Life

I was born with 3 rare diseases known as Arthrogryposis, Scoliosis, and Clubbed feet. I was just one of those lucky babies cause my mom did everything right through her pregnancy. Doctors told my mom I wouldn’t live long. They gave her the option to give me up cause raising me wasn’t going to be easy.

Here I am healthy as can be 25 years later. Growing up my mom and dad always pushed me to go over my limits. My mom mainly taught me instead of letting my limitations hold me back find ways around them.

Elementary was easy making friends. Junior high wasn’t too bad even though many stared or I guess you can say had pity toward me. However, I didn’t really let it affect me. I kept pushing and made it to High School. I graduated June 1st, 2012 from Beaumont Senior High School with an Honor Roll GPA. After high school, I lost all motivation for college and felt like I wasn’t going to be enough or wasn’t going to succeed due to my “disability” so I didn’t go for a YEAR and a HALF.

If it wasn’t for my mom giving me a huge push I wouldn’t even have went into the college life. I’m thankful she did because I’m now about to finish my Associates in Early Childhood Education by 2019. With that, I plan to open my own Preschool Center along with attending a University for my Liberal Arts to be an Elementary School Teacher. One day I plan to adopt. But as of right now I’m going to get further with my education.

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