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Find your customers, all in one place

Do you provide products or services to the disability community?
Do you want to talk to and help them?

The MDM Club Business Membership is for you
The social network for the disability community


Find people who are interested in and need your products and services


Ask and answer questions, share information, provide help where you can


Create special offers, publish helpful blog posts, share your website and social links

How the MDM Club works for you

Extra benefits for all business members

All the benefits of personal membership

  • You receive all the benefits provided to personal members
  • Meet new people, ask questions and share your expertise
  • Participate in the forums and groups

Enhanced member profile

  • Add your business website and social links
  • Provide details of your products and services
  • Highlight special offers for MDM Club members
  • Add your business details to your Club signature

Special offers

  • Create special offers and discounts
  • Promote your offer to MDM Club members
  • Use the forums, blog posts, groups and your profile wall

Blog at the MDM Club

  • Write informational blog posts to help members
  • Include details of how your products and services can help
  • Link to your business website
  • Your posts are public and read by non-members too

Groups for your members

  • If you have members, invite them to join you in the MDM Club
  • A simple way for your members to meet each other
  • Communicate with your members easily
  • Easy to set up and get going + includes a forum
  • Chat to us if you need more than one group

Meet other business members

  • Talk with other business members in a private group
  • Learn from each other and share experiences
  • Ask questions and get help with any aspect of your business
  • Get help with marketing and promoting your business
  • Make new friends with common interests

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define "business"?

For the purposes of the MDM Club, businesses include charities and not-for-profit organisations, as well as for-profit businesses.

If you wish to promote your organisation, products and services to the membership of the MDM Club, then you must register for a business account.

Personal accounts cannot be used for business promotional purposes.

How do the forums and groups work?

Groups can be created for any specific interest group or topic.

At the start, Groups have been created for some countries, so that you can talk with other residents of your country about issues that are country-specific and have somewhere to go for that information.

We anticipate adding more and more interest groups as the Club membership grows. For example, for specific disabilities or issues.

Each group has a forum attached where members can ask questions and discuss related issues. Non group members will be able to read these posts, but not participate. In addition, groups include a facility to chat more informally with the group members.

There are also some forums that are not attached to any groups. The main one being for general disability discussions. We expect a lot of activity will be here.

We have another forum for you to introduce yourself and encourage you to do so when you join.

PLUS, if your organisation has a member base, you are welcome to create your very own group and invite your members to join. Read more a little further down the page.


Does it matter what country I operate in?

We have members from many countries.

The primary countries our current members live in are Australia, USA, UK and Canada. Each of these countries, and a couple more, have designated groups inside the MDM Club.

How often can I post about my business?

On your business wall, you can post as often as you like. Members who have chosen to follow you will see anything you post on your wall.

In the forums and groups, there is no definitive limit, however the expectation is that you focus on helping others and providing information. Your signature can show your business details.

Special Offers and discounts for members can be posted in the Special Offer Forum once per month. If you wish to post more often, there will be an additional fee of $25 AUD per post.

You can submit blog posts for publication as often as you like. However, these need to be adding value and be information focused. If you would like to publish an advertorial, then please contact us for pricing.

How much does this cost?

The MDM Club Business Membership is $297 per year (Australian dollars). Or you can pay monthly at $35 per month.

This provides you with access to the Club, the forums and groups. You also have the facility to add blog posts and updates to your business wall.

Your membership renews automatically until cancelled by you. Sales are final and pro-rata refunds are not available.

What if a few people from my business want to join?

More of your employees or fellow business owners can join the MDM Club if you wish.

Each membership is in an individual’s name.


If you are planning to create a group for your organisation’s members, we encourage you to have two or three members from your organisation as members who can then administer the group and act as moderators.

The restrictions on posting apply to the business as a whole. Additional members can post as much business content as they like on their own wall, but will not be able to post additional special offers or duplicate material in blog posts.

Are you looking for an easy way to communicate with your members?

Does your business have members who would benefit from talking with each other and others in the disability community?

As a business member of the MDM Club we will create your very own group, right inside the Club.

  • You administer and moderate your group
  • Choose who to invite into the group
  • Update your members about what you are up to
  • Add documents, media files and more

The information shared within the group is protected and only visible to members of the group.

Your members will benefit in many ways

  • They meet your other members, with many things in common
  • They know where to find current information from you
  • They can chat amongst themselves about issues affecting them
  • They have easy access to you to ask questions
  • They are a part of the wider MDM Club membership, allowing them to meet many more people and participate in conversations

BONUS 3 months membership

Earn a BONUS 3 months on your annual membership.

Link to My Disability Matters news and club websites from your website or blog and we will add three months to your membership.

You need to have the link active within one month of joining the MDM Club.

We really appreciate your help with promoting My Disability Matters to ensure we reach as many people as possible.

The MDM Club Business Membership is for you if...

Your customers come from the disability community
You want to be informed about disability issues
You want to participate in this community

You want to reach more people

This is the place to find the disability community. Take the opportunity to find and get to know your key market.

You want to learn more about disability

Participate in forums and groups, chat with other members. Learn more about disability and how it impacts on the lives of many.

You want an easy way to talk with your members

Create your very own private group in the MDM Club. Invite your members to join your group as a way to keep in touch with you and to meet each other.

Join the MDM Club today


Only $297/year

Pay yearly and save 30%

We look forward to meeting you inside the Club


Only $35/month

Pay monthly and access all features

We look forward to meeting you inside the Club

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