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What a week (well actually a couple)

Hello world or in reality the few of you who are bored enough or are insomniacs and use my inane ramblings as a sedative.

It’s been a rather busy couple of weeks, with lots of positive stuff and a little bit of negative, but, I’m not going there with that sorry, erm DILLIGAF mood hoovers. Feel free to try to visualise my contempt for you, I’m on a crest of a wave of massive positivity. There that’s that bit done..On to the reams of good stuff.

So where to start? New people is as good a place as any. I found my way back to Twatter (deliberate pun intended) and for once I actually found something useful. After commenting on BFI making a bit of a pig’s ear of dealing with an autistic in a cinema in London. I got an invite to join a community called MyDisabilityMatters club.  It’s relatively new start-up. I haven’t explored too far yet as I’ve been so busy, but the welcome has been great and the encouragement to get involved has been really nice and very supportive (Yes, that’s you Libby) and it’s interesting to see the issues that we all share and some of the different local issues we all face. As I get more involved I will expand further. But my initial impression is of a close-knit and welcoming community.

My last work blog for autism awareness week was really well received. So much so I have been asked to be interviewed by our group media partner for the company careers website. This is happening this week and I’m really looking forward to it. It really feels like progress is happening. I do know that diversity and inclusion is taken really seriously and it’s a genuine value that runs deeply and goes all the way to the very top. To get personal comments on my blog and email from the chief financial officer is not just lip service. I have an enormous amount of respect for someone who would take time out to come and meet as many of us actively involved in D&I for lunch. Just to put faces to names and find out more about those people shows how much it means, and does make you feel proud of who you work for.

Next week is Mental health awareness week, and the theme is stress. I got a couple of blogs for work in the pipeline, one about stress and how it can be a symptom of something else underlying (like being autistic and not knowing it), as well a being an exacerbating factor. Another about how we need to be able to identify the physiological symptoms of stress in ourselves as this can be an early signal and what we can do about it. My personal opinion is that more needs to be done to get men talking openly about it. I’ve been down the dark side of the “Be a real man and suffer in silence” approach to mental illness and it’s definitely not the way to go. I also know how crippling it is to have to summon up the courage to admit that there is a problem, to anyone, let alone someone close.

I’ve got even more in the pipeline as I’ve also been asked for input in reviewing policies to bring them up to date. I’m also still waiting for the report for my NAS workplace assessment and I’ll paraphrase some of the interesting bits that come out of that when I get it as it was a bit of a peculiar experience for me.

On the home front an entire bank holiday weekend spent sorting out the garden was well spent and my sanctuary is starting to look nice again. My son starts his GCSE’s next week, which really leaves me wondering where the last 16 years went. My daughter’s parents evening went well, she’s doing well this is not really a surprise. So the occasional trauma over homework has been worth it. I’m proud of both of them and hopefully, I make that clear to them.

So there you go. It’s all been a bit full on. I’ve still managed to find a little time to start throwing a few ideas on paper for some dystopian sci-fi I’ve been planning to write for ages and it’s starting to take shape. I’ve also started carrying my beloved Fuji X-T10 with me everywhere I go again after missing the chance to get some shots of parakeets in the local park (a rather unusual sight on the south coast of England)

Expect my ramblings to get a bit more frequent as I’ve found my love of pen (fountain naturally), paper and keyboard again.

Just remember life’s too short to not have fun poked at the stupid bits, but be nice to each other.

Take care


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