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Welcome to the MDM Club Blog

The My Disability Matters (MDM) Club is finally here!

We have been working very hard on this ‘baby’ for a while now, so it is incredibly exciting to open it up to you.

As you may know, My Disability Matters was created this year. Since April, we have been publishing news and opinion articles on disability issues at .

The intention has always been to add a discussion forum and membership to MDM, and over time that idea has evolved to become the MDM Club. It is a lot more than an online forum and now opens as the new social network for the disability community.

This is where you can come to meet others, share your experiences, discuss issues, and ask and answer questions. We hope you also have a lot of fun along the way.

You can read all about the MDM Club here.

One exciting part of the MDM Club, is this blog. As a member of the club, you have the option to write and publish your own blog posts, which will appear here. The blog is able to be read by non-members as well, and we will promote these posts on our social media channels.

We really hope that for many of our members, that this becomes the beginning of your writing and a great place to share your ideas. You are also welcome to submit video and photo posts.

The first step, is to join as a member. We then look forward to talking with you inside the club and reading more from you in this blog.



Dale and Jo Reardon

Founders of My Disability Matters


7 Comments on “Welcome to the MDM Club Blog

  • Hi Ari – sorry, only just spotted this.

    That is fantastic if you have a blog post you would like to write. We haven’t created any specific guidelines as yet, however I think 1000 words or less is normally good. Longer may lend itself more to being split into several posts.

    The style is your style! We want this blog to be a space where members can start to write if they want to, but maybe don’t yet feel the need to have their own blog. Be yourself, share whatever you like about your life, or issues that are important to you. You are allowed to be controversial as long as it remains respectful of different opinions.

    You can do all words, or images mainly with a few words, or even video.

    Remember the blog itself is public and we will promote it for you, and you can promote outside the club too of course.

    Re trigger warnings, yes please add if necessary. We will also consider the need for that in the review process.

    I hope that all helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. I can’t wait to receive the first member blog post!!


  • Jo-

    Thanks for all of the answers. Should I add anything regarding trigger warnings to mine now? There are a couple things I have in mind, but since you’ve published it I am not sure that I can change anything?

    Anyhow, I am so excited that I am the first!

  • Hi Karletta,

    Sorry for taking a couple of days to reply. I am planning to do a video to show that and some other things, to help people find their way around the club.

    To find the blog link, go to the personal member under your name. From there, hover over BLOG and you will see an option to ‘Add new’.

    Let me know if you need any more help. I look forward to reading your blog posts.


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