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Top Tip: Scooter / Wheelchair Puncture proof tyres

Not sure if this is the right place for Tips  / ideas BUT…

When replacing tyres that are puncture proof  these can be very expensive, I bought some new cheaper ones that require tubes.

Then when i took the wheels apart (2 halves) removed the tyre with the infill. Then cut right through the tyre and rubber insert (puncture proof) in one place. Then peel away the old tyre from infill, not always easy but it will come away.

With the new tyre I ran washing up liquid all over inside of new tyre to give bit of slip. Start inserting infill opposite to where you cut. Feed it inside. Last bit you may need exra help to align the ends together, but with bit of brute force it will go.

I used same infill now on 3 lots tyres and still going strong. Much cheaper than buying tyres that are pre filled again and again.



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