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Story idea

It’s difficult to impossible to find stories from a disabled point of view. Here’s a story idea I came up with ;


Destructive testing comes in three forms: stress, or stability; impact, or safety; and hardness, or resistance, tests.

Designed to find weaknesses that are not immediately apparent, destructive testing is usually much more decisive than non-destructive testing.

Agnes Bates (no relation)

It was once said that the end would come with a whimper, not a bang, just as another spoke on how things fall apart and the center can not hold. They were both wrong.

The end doesn’t come, just violent disruptive and often needed change. For ten years the world hid its head in the sand and just accepted that the climate change was just, one of those things you get used to.

Now even here in one of the most climate safe places on the planet, there are three types of lives; those who live in the Arcology, those who live and allow to trade just outside the Arc, and everyone else. We try hard not to think of everyone else. We watched it live, but briefly as the world realized four major coastal cities had been hit worldwide by Force Five Hurricane Melvyn. Force Five, there wasn’t even anything the whole world’s resources could do to begin to help them. So they didn’t and everyone started to spend a lot less time talking with the rest of the world.

That was ten years ago, and now my crippled flesh lay on a recliner type chair and after adding the contacts to my eyes I closed them and saw. I saw a dark box, analysis titanium carborundum blend. It opened and I flew. A FALCON, who cares what it stands for; Bird like heavy armed patrol drone. With the chip in my head, I WAS that bird!

I flew into the streets sensors on full. A deep voice, not my own spoke for me saying, “Agreed. This is the only answer, but I’ll pay this bill Mike..” to a reluctant deep resonate sigh.

A clarion of trumpets broadcast through the streets from the units remote jackers, as some pleasant female voice sang out “ollie ollie, come and play, bring a bird down today! ”

Some shock jockey had let loose word that if you brought down a FALCON, then you got a chance of getting in the Arc, like a test. The only problem is that it’s the best idea we’ve heard of yet. Test for destruction. Without high tech gear, no Arc training could one of these young street Warlords and Warladies bring down a bird.That’s why they started to head to the old metal dump. So much needed gas, and it wasn’t used or even made, so hear sat the grave of metal. A good place to test a prototype. Today… another test.The voice spoke for me deep and resonate, like when I was once young and whole again. It called out, “Here’s the word!

Down this bird and you with your people get the run of the new dome. Arc 2 is done, but somehow we didn’t think interviews and resumes would prove this trick…” and listen to the crowd roar with laughter.. and hunger.Regular food, education, medicine, recreation, treatment, and the whole works. Including cybernetics, including us… The Freaks.






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