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Progress on my Ebook: Sucessful to Burnt Out


I am writing a blog post series and ebook about people who’ve been successful but had to stop working.

The ebook is called Successful to Burnt Out: Experiences of Females on the Autism Spectrum.


Kindle Publishing

I will be releasing it on Kindle, along with my autobiography.

My autobiography was written over about five years. It just needs revising and updating. I will now be able to explain some of what has happened within the context of having Aspergers.

The first draft for Successful to Burnt Out is complete. It took 19 hours. Thats the longest I’ve worked for quite a while. I wrote about it a bit in Heaps of Writing Done.


Your stories wanted

I hope to include excerpts / stories from a few females with Aspergers.

Would anyone here be interested in contributing their stories?

The chapter topics are:

  • Having a hard/ challenging but successful life
  • Then burnout, slowing down or stopping working
  • Experiencing Relevence Deprivation
  • Late in life diagnosis
  • Rebuilding your life from scratch
  • Where am I now?



I am looking for contributions of 300 words max per chapter topic.

You can write for a few chapters. I would prefer that actually. That way the readers can follow your story a bit more.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please email me at (or find me on the MDM Club)


This is the mock up of the ebook cover page. The sunset could signify a journey, and delineation between old and new.



2 Comments on “Progress on my Ebook: Sucessful to Burnt Out

  • It is fantastic to see some one writing about this.
    Four years ago I was at the top of my field working 90+ hours a week and in high demand and I had been there for nearly 30 years.
    Three years ago I was walking around the streets in old track pants and t-shirt kind of unsure what I was doing but very angry everyone and everything.
    One year ago I decided to start over again in a totally new career as a support worker and I am loving it. Still got some issues to resolve but I am getting there.

    Look forward to reading your e-book in the future.

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