My Disability Matters Club

New site to bring disability community together

A new social network will be officially launched today to help connect the disability community across Australia and all over the world.

Known as the My Disability Matters Club (, the free online resource is a place for people affected by disability to meet, share ideas, seek advice and find support.

Dale with his seeing eye dog Charlie
Dale with his seeing eye dog Charlie

My Disability Matters Club founder, Dale Reardon, says the site was specially designed to overcome many of the accessibility and ease-of-use issues people with disability often face with existing social networks.

‘Discussing disability issues on existing social networks can also cause things like bullying and trolling,’ he said.

‘We’re creating a safe, supportive environment where disability issues can be discussed without fear.’

The idea for the site was born out of a desire to improve the lives of people with disability, Mr Reardon said.

‘Living with disability can be lonely and very challenging.

‘Despite over one billion people worldwide living with disability,1 many do not have access to the information and resources they need that could make their lives better. Many do not feel a sense of community.

‘I have been a blind disabled person for almost 30 years, and personally understand many of the struggles and discrimination that disabled people face.

‘The My Disability Matters Club is a place that helps empower disabled people and give them a voice. It’s a place where you are not alone.’

The site will also play a key role in supporting people as they grapple with the national roll-out of the NDIS in Australia.

‘We see advocacy and helping people get advice on what the NDIS means for them as an important part of what the club can offer,’ said Mr Reardon.

The online community is also connected to the My Disability Matters News ( service, helping people quickly and easily stay up to date with the latest information and events.

‘There is no other centralised source for disability news in Australia,’ Mr Reardon said.

‘We publish content from around the world. There are also stories written by people living with disability, which contrasts with disability journalism in the mainstream media, which is often written by non-disabled journalists.

‘The My Disability Matters Club and News sites are like a daily newspaper and social network for the global disability community, all in one.’

In the future, Mr Reardon said My Disability Matters will continue to be shaped by the needs of the disability community.

‘My Disability Matters has been created by the disabled, for the disabled,’ he said.

‘Our catch phrase is “nothing about us, without us”.

‘We will continue to seek the feedback and involvement of the disability community to guide our future development, features and initiatives.’

To help achieve our goals and expand our offerings further, any investment enquiries are welcome.



Media enquiries: contact Dale Reardon on +61 (0) 420 277 457 or [email protected] 

Interviews and/or photos: Dale Reardon is available for further photo opportunities/interview

More about Dale Reardon:  Visit here for more about Dale, and also Dale’s LinkedIn profile


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7 Comments on “New site to bring disability community together

  • It is very true, the 21 century is not treating us well. There is no information, profit making is the major motivation when “providing services to people who have some disabilities”. The proper and equal exchange is possible between those who are requesting and accepting “services” and those who provide them. Until equality is worked out in this exchange, I am not prepared to receive any service.

      • Thank you for commenting on my post.

        I meant, that at present in Western Australia NDIS is operating differently than in other  Australian states. The Western Australian government says, it is cheaper, I believe, they right. However this also means, that people who live in WA are receiving much less, that people who leave in Victoria, NSW, Qld, Tasmania and maybe in NT.

        I also read in one of your Newsletter Cruncky (?)  that Indigenous Australians, and migrants get significantly smaller allocation of NDIS fund.

        While these kind of inequalities exist, I am not prepared to be either a customer or a provider for NDIS.

        Kind regards


        Eva Vaszolyi

        • I understand. The press release said the WA scheme would be nationally consistent but under their control and delivered in the unique WA way.
          It simply can’t be both – either it’s the National scheme or the WA scheme. They are just trying to placate the fears of the public and not telling the full story.

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