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NDIS Reform

NDIS was launched in July 2013 with a promise to Revolutionise Disability Services. It’s brief was to fund the supports and services needed by people with disabilities to:

  • achieve individual goals
  • become as independent as possible
  • develop skills for day-to-day living
  • participate in the community
  • work and earn money

Five years later, it is apparent that NDIS requires significant reform if it is to achieve its stated goals. To date it’s implementation has been characterised by:

  • Excessive bureaucracy and red-tape and insufficient flexibility
  • Top-down centralised approaches to preparation of individual plans
  • Lack of person-controlled technology to assist participants to self-direct
  • Disregard for family carers as the primary unit of care
  • Fears that Local Area Coordination will repeat the old supply-side fragmentation
  • Too little financial transparency in the pricing/costs of the scheme
  • Concerns that small support organisations are disadvantaged in relation to big providers
  • Insufficient recognition of peer and mutual supports and networks
  • Concerns that provider-centered cultures are reappearing
  • Doubts over the financial viability of an uncapped scheme and fears of service rationing

However, governments will only reform the present course if they realise that people with disabilities, families, and friends, and our support organisations want a different direction. Because governments usually only listen to service providers, they will ignore everyone else unless our public voice is too loud to ignore.

People with disabilities, families, friends, support organisations, community groups, services and policy makers are invited to participate in a grassroots campaign to ensure NDIS delivers on the promise to Revolutionise Disability Services.

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