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My journey through Access To Work

Over the coming weeks, I will take you through my experience of going through the process of applying for Access to Work. This is a UK scheme to help the disabled who are in employment or are about to gain employment. This scheme will assist the disabled employee to carry out their daily duties as close to their fellow peers and to deal with any barriers that may stand in their way.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are the main administrators of this scheme and they also work very close with our job centre here in the UK called JobcentrePlus.

The DWP now forward any disabled clients onto a third party. These organisations vary throughout the UK. Where I live the organisation’s name is PeoplePlus.

PeoplePlus carry out any ATW assessments; including attending your place of work. This is done on behalf of the DWP. When assessments have been completed, PeoplePlus would send back a report to DWP and then they would forward a copy onto the disabled client to pass onto their employer.

The employer would then agree on what help is necessary and services or products would then be agreed and purchased for by DWP and/or your employer depending on certain criteria. This involves percentages of payments from both parties; DWP and Employer. The disabled employee does not pay any money into this scheme.

The employee receives their new equipment and any other services to enable them to carry out their job as normally as their fellow peers. This may keep the employee in work longer in the long term.

Sounds good; nice and straight forward; but does it all go well?

Follow my journey as it happens…………………..


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