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Mental Health, I am annoyed with our Government and how it deals with this

I am 32 years young and live in Western Sydney, NSW. I have lived with depression and anxiety for most of my life, however my most recent diagnosis as an adult are Bi Polar and PTSD.

I have struggled for last 7 years especially. I have also spent this time being a main carer to 3 children with autism under 8. In the past 3 years I have tried myself to access help. I have finally found a psychiatrist that I like, but they like most things cost money. The same with psychologists, while attending they can be helpful but for so long there seemed to be something else missing. Through all of my past I have some pretty heavy experiences that have painted a black mark on my life. It’s been extremely difficult some days to just to get up out of bed, let alone parent 3 children who have autism.

Due to isolation I have lost life skills and this I know is letting me down personally and as a parent. I have no organisational skills, I have no idea where to even start with keeping my house clean on a regular basis, I’ve tried for so long then I just end up in a horrible slump and it just seems like I have know way out.

Then last year in October through discussing the NDIS about my children with one of their workers I find out that mental health is now included in the NDIS. I have since created a Facebook group called “Mental Health and the NDIS” and while facing all my trials and what not with that I am also finding out that there have been other government funding programs in regards to mental health for some time now.

I have been extremely annoyed that I had no idea that this kind of help was available out there. I don’t understand why every GP, psychologist psychiatrist etc isn’t aware of these programs. I so wish that I could have got some kind of help 7 years ago, had I known it was available I would have jumped at the opportunity. Big program like the NDIS have been widely advertised everywhere yet myself, and others are only just now finding out about these programs now!!

I think the government should be as invested in mental health if not more so then our roads. They put more funding into the roads the least they could do is let more people know that funding like this exists.  If it can be life changing for someone then there should be advertising everywhere!!! Everyone should know about it so we can let others know even if we aren’t faced with mental illnesses ourselves. We should be trying to pick Australia up and help make have better lives but for almost 32 years I never knew government funding was available

I am now doing what I can where I can to share about the help that’s available, not just the NDIS. I wish someone was trying to get the word out for it to reach me somehow all those years ago I needed help.


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