My Disability Matters Club

Introduction from Mel

I don’t have a criminal record but don’t care if you do.

I’ve never done any drugs but I do believe in medicinal marijuana.

Plus size but love to exercise and stay active.

Quit smoking, no drugs, rarely alcohol.

I have a cat. I love dogs, though. My favorites are pit bulls.

Sapiosexual, for sure!!!

English and Journalism major

I love to write but my real passion is editing. I love the feel of taking an awesome piece of writing and making it even more beautiful with just a few minor changes.

I had some local fame years ago because I was homeless for three years then went to college, got an apartment, graduated, transferred from Tarrant County College to Texas Wesleyan University. During that time, I was on the broadcast news twice and had five newspaper articles written about me.

While at TWU, I worked for The Rambler, the student newspaper. So, yes, I’ve been published. Just not by virtue of my personal writing.

I’ve been the keynote speaker at over a dozen charitable events.

I can even be Googled.

I’m currently a cashier at a grocery store but I know I deserve better. I’d love to be able to find a career as an administrative assistant or, even better, my dream of writing/editing.

I’m a workaholic. I love to work and hate sitting still.

One day, I would like to return to TWU to finish my bachelor’s




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