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My inspiration, My Muse, My Daphne

Hi, I am the mom of an amazing girl, Daphne.

Our Journey with Autism for her began when she was a little under two. The diagnosis was hard. As an employee who worked directly with children on the Autism spectrum I jumped into action and got early intervention going. Daphne’s speech and social skills were delayed. She also required intervention with her sensory needs. She was showing great improvement, but it wasn’t until we found “Doctor Who” that she completely blossomed.

One of the things I most admire about Daphne is her drive and dedication. She has never let any of her delays or struggles get in her way of trying and just being her amazing, unique self.  One of her favorite characters from “Doctor Who” was the weeping angels. She could not say “weeping”. It sounded like “sleeping” when she said it and caused frustration on her part. Daphne practiced every night until finally one night she burst out of her room shouting “weeping angels”. It was a great moment for all of us. At school they noticed improvements in her speech and social skills.  She had a new passion and wanted to share it with everyone she could.

That April we decided to go meet Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) at St.Louis Wizard World. She made cards and was beyond excited. When the day finally arrived she could hardly contain herself. Her self-stimming behaviors were off the charts. Somehow she managed the noise and crowds of the convention and made it to her Matt Smith photo op. He was so amazing with her. She didn’t talk, probably because she was too excited, but that didn’t matter. They hugged and he talked with her.

After that day Daphne inspired me again to follow my dream of writing. I started with a personal narrative titled, “The remarkable day Daphne met the Doctor”, which got published in “Autism Parenting Magazine”.  I decided to tell the complete story of our families journey in a book, “My Daphne, Our Autism Journey.” I didn’t hold back. I wanted it to be as real and honest as possible. My goal for this book was to create something that not only tells the harder times, but shows the happier side of Autism.

Daphne is such an inspiration I was hoping by telling her story it would help other parents going through the diagnosis process.  We still have a long road a head of us, but I can’t wait for the incredible honesty, sense of humor, and complete uniqueness that lies ahead.

Thank you, Daphne for being the most amazing tour guide and inspiration one could ask for.


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