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Developing a disability in mid-career…

Hi all,

I’m an Honorary Research Associate in the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University Of Sydney. I suffer a nasty type of early onset Arthritis and needed brain surgery around 10 years ago due to an Arteriovenous Malformation (think aneurysm).

The perspective that I’ve had, experiencing the workplace with and without disability, has led me to commence a research study to look more broadly at the issue. The first part is a survey, which can be accessed here.

With large (and persistent) rates of unemployment amongst people with disability, we want to see if more can be done to keep people who develop disability in work. Keeping people at work is just as important as getting them into work in the first place – an area that is currently under-researched.

I’d really appreciate you taking part and telling others who might be interested about the work. Feel free to send me an email anytime if you have questions.


Best wishes,
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