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Consequences for all disability-related mistreatment – I need your help!

Hi everyone. My names Rosie.

I recently joined MyDisabilityMatters because I’m working on a campaign that will fight for legal and social consequences for all disability-related mistreatment.

After surviving a series of life-threatening tumors – but losing most of my peripheral vision –  I found that as soon as  I was seen as “dis-abled” I was expected to put up with all sorts of behaviour and treatment that no-one considered “able” would ever accept. And worse still, there was pretty much no enforcible consequences for any of it.

These consequences are what I’m fighting for.

I already have some political support for this. Please read my online article for more info about this – Disability Rights FIght.  But I really need the input of others too to show the powers-that-be how big the problem is so please do get in touch with your own experiences by contacting me here or emailing me. I realise this could be difficult but I am fighting for this to make things better for many others as well as myself. This will be worth it!

I really hope to hear from you soon!

Rosie x

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