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CPP disability benefits in Canada – The court decides

By CinBin | June 18, 2018

Reilly vs. Ford case starts from June 18th, and the matter being challenged is that of Insurance Companies deducting CPP disability payments off insurance payments, dollar for dollar.

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When sleep plays coy

By libbytalks | June 13, 2018

I live with the hope that someday sleep will not be so elusive, but once again a dear friend who visits regularly.

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Earlier – how life has changed for me

By marit843 | June 11, 2018

Earlier I used to ask myself why other disabled moaned over life. Now I am the moaner and struggling to find a new way to live a rewarding life.

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Interviews, articles and assessments

By Badgers | June 8, 2018

The true meaning of diversity and inclusion is a place where what you can offer is the overriding factor, regardless of race, religion, gender or disability.

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Standing down from CEO of the AoD temporarily

By Liam | June 4, 2018

A personal story about dealing with AoD duties, high school, mental health, and depression.

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Invitation to participate in Mental Health research: An anonymous 10-15 minute survey

By melissa.kerlin | June 4, 2018

A study from Victoria University invites siblings of people diagnosed with mental health issues to participate in research, to find out more about the impact of family stigma.

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Upside down days and dreamless nights

By libbytalks | May 29, 2018

Trying to sleep, working at sleep are exercises in futility. You close your eyes and peer into the dark, scratchy sandpaper which is the inside of your eyelid. This is the torture of insomnia.

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Consequences for all disability-related mistreatment – I need your help!

By Rosie | May 28, 2018

I found that as soon as I was seen as “dis-abled” I was expected to put up with all sorts of behaviour and treatment that no-one considered “able” would ever accept.

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Tackling insomnia

By libbytalks | May 28, 2018

Getting to the core of sleep disorder. To start sleeping at night and not dreading it.

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Hello everyone

By Margaretp | May 25, 2018

An introduction post from one of our members of the My Disability Matters Community.

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My journey through Access To Work

By RobbieC69 | May 24, 2018

My journey through Access To Work…Follow my journey as it happens

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Here comes the list for neuro typicals to understand!

By Badgers | May 24, 2018

Autism is not a mental illness. There are loads of things on the list the NT’s need to think about.

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