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Being me

I wake up this morning feeling as down as I did when I went to bed yesterday, wich annoyes me as I always like to see the positive side of life. My motto is Life is what you make it and this I truely believe in. Here I am sitting with my cup of coffee that needs to be the Swedish brand Zoega with the company of my cats and the sun is shining through the clouds trying to cheer me up! Also I am having lunch with a friend in a while, So as I write this down my mood gets slightly better, and I think when I go to my friend for lunch I can forget the struggle with my cleaners, everything that is wrong with my new flat, and the car I was unlucky to scratch on the garage gate.

I have struggled for some time getting the cleaner service from the council to work out. I moved last year, and shortly after I had a scoliosis surgery wich was the wicest choise I’ve made in a while – it was successful, but as I then had my grown up daughter living at home with no job, she cleaned for me. So council cleaners haven’t been going for so long. I want the house cleaned once a week due to me having cats. I also want a regular cleaner who learns what to do and where things are and also most important, can hear what I say. My CP¬†affects my speech, the tasks I need doing varies from time to time, and of course the council wants to do my flat in as little time as possible, in which I protest cos I want flexibility and I want things done properly ! It takes so much energy to make the boss of the cleaners to understand why I want the frequency and hours I want. She has never met me, so she can’t possibly know what and how I struggle changing the sheets on my bed. I really wish those who make the decisions in how much help for what a person gets could come home and meet us and see for herself what a struggle small things sometimes can be.

Having cp with additional problems is in itself a struggle, so really one doesn’t need unnessacary struggles! I want to live my life like I feel like. If I want to go to a shopping centre I do that, even if me walking on crutches makes my hips ache the next day. I love cats – I have 5 of them Marie, Camilla, Mathilda, Bella and Romeos, and now Zivago the stray cat came into my life. There was this post on facebook about him sitting in front of the ventilation of the city hall every night obviously misrable. Me being a member of our local animal rescue group I couldn?t watch this, and as soon as I explained I couldn?t catch the cat on my own people came helping, and he is now on my bathroom , being warm enough every day, having enough food, and he’s been checked at the vet. Now he has to live on my bathroom to get used to people. It’s exciting, I do it cos I want to and it’s something I can do. That’s the thing. Do the things you want to and make the most of life dispite some things taking time and eftort, but it’s worth it.



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  • Life can get on top of us from time to time and talking with other people about the problem, or your feelings can really help.
    Don’t put all the blame on yourself though and feel bad because of that. Society doesn’t view disability favourably quite often and it is going to take a long time to change their attitudes.

  • Great Blog Marit. I agree that people need to get to know an individual and not assume who you are because of your disability. I loved how you wrote about your cats and having a coffee. Sounds like a wonderful moment of many millions of moments. What a lovely person you are helping out with the animals. I’ve had a bit of a rough time of late and your blog was a delight to read. Thank you.

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