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A Love Story

She sits next to him at a table at a bar which they both frequent it’s New Years Eve 2002 the woman wears a long black gown with a slit going up the middle where she shows him her thigh he sat there mesmerized he has never seen a woman with thigh’s as sexy as her’s looked.

For a man in a wheelchair he has never been on a date with such an unbelievably attractive woman before he sits there mesmerized by how beautiful her face apears to him her eyes appear to him so seductive that they could bring a man to his knees, and make him do her bidding, her lips apear to him as full and voluptuous leaving a man begging to be kissed, and her nose apeared to have such a sexy shape and size which looked perfect for giving Eskimo kisses, her long dark hair framing those facial features all of these dimensions made him think while looking at her that she was a mega babe because she looked outrageously sexy to him.

This New Year’s Eve would be one in which he would never forget on this night in 2002 events would take place that would change his outlook on women completely while sitting next to her this man in a wheelchair was trying to work up enough courage to ask her a question he has always wanted to ask. The question was if she knew what an Eskimo kiss was, and how to give one and also if she has ever given an Eskimo kiss to anyone before? To which she replied yes she knew what an Eskimo kiss was and also yes she has given Eskimo kisses. He then proceeded to ask if she would do one for him she replied sure baby come here to which she slipped her arms around him pulling him in close and giving him what he has asked for and was always been waiting for an Eskimo kiss given by her.

He was mesmerized by the experience. The Eskimo kiss was everything he had hoped it would be and more while sitting there looking at this woman’s amazing beauty from the dimensions of her face which was framed by her long dark hair, and her amazingly shapely and sexy thigh sticking out of the slit that ran up the front of her black gown made him think once again what a mega babe she was. He had another thought in mind which he wanted to ask her but did not have enough courage to ask, until she asked if there was anything else she could do for him that he wanted? He thought for a minute and then said there was one more thing she could do for him but he was afraid she might say no she assured him that she would not and that it was okay to ask so he wanted to know if she had the strength to pick him up, and carry him away? She told him that she did and that later on that night New Year’s Eve 2002 that she would if he wanted her to he replied that he did so later on that night New Year’s Eve 2002 when they went back to his place she did exactly what she promised him she would do for him this man in a wheelchair.

She reached down wrapping her arms around his waist taking him into her arms which to him seemed to so strong, and powerful she placed each of his legs around her hips and waist holding him in such an erotic position she proceeded to carry him away with her shapely sexy thigh sticking out of her long black gown to his bed all the while giving him a long, and sexy Eskimo kiss the whole way.This New Year’s Eve 2002 turned out to be one for which he would and has never forgot it was the most erotic and unbelievable nights he would always remember because of a woman a mega babe in a long black gown with a slit going up the middle of her gown and having such facial features as eyes so seductive that they would bring a man to his knees forcing him to do her bidding, lips so full and voluptuous making a man begging to be kissed, and for having a nose with the perfect shape and size for giving Eskimo kisses, and for possessing the strength and power to take this man in a wheelchair into her arms and carry him away making this night an erotic night New Year’s Eve 2002.

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