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A Little Bit About Me

My name is Tiffany. I’m 29 years old, and I’m both visually impaired and Autistic. I love to sing, write, and make YouTube videos. Although my disabilities have presented me with a lot of challenges, I don’t let them get in the way of me following my dreams.

My biggest dream is to be a singer. Music has been a huge part of my life since I was a baby. However, I didn’t realize how much I loved to sing, until I was 15 years old. One day, I was sitting in front of my computer, singing along with Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection,” and I started to really get into it. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be a singer! I started participating in school and summer camp talent shows. Then, I joined the choir, and then, as an adult, I started singing at different karaoke bars. Now, I’m a member of the Salem Choral Society, and have been for over 6 years. I still sing karaoke, and I also sing at different nursing homes. I also have a YouTube channel where I post videos of me singing my favorite songs.

My favorite genres to sing are pop ballads, classical-crossover, Broadway show tunes, and Celtic and Irish folk. Celtic and Irish folk is probably my absolute favorite. There’s just something special and magical about that type of music that really touches me.

I never used to have a purpose for being a singer, other than just loving to sing. I used to say I wanted to be a “pop star.” Now, I realize that I don’t even care about being a star. I don’t care about fame and fortune. That’s not what music’s all about. Over the years, I’ve been through a lot of hard times due to my disabilities. I was heavily bullied in school, and later on, I was bullied online. I’ve encountered countless fake friends who either became bullies, or they just abandoned me altogether. I’ve been in a lot of bad relationships, including an emotionally abusive one. I’ve dealt with self-loathing and self-bullying, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and attempts. However, all that only made me a stronger person, and I now choose to use my musical ability to tell my story. I want to inspire other people to follow their dreams, let people know they’re not alone in their darkest hours, and just bring joy and love into people’s lives. I want to be an advocate and activist for Autism, and also a warrior against bullying and abuse! I think one of the best ways to do that is through song!

I also love to write. I write song lyrics, but since I can’t read music, I can’t write it. However, my voice coach helps me write it instead. We actually wrote a song last year called “Accepted,” which is about my struggles with my disabilities, wanting to be accepted, and learning to accept myself. Last summer, we recorded the song in a professional studio, and a few weeks later, I released it onto iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play! Then, a month later, I made a music video with my own camera to go with the song!

I also love to write stories. I usually write sappy love stories, friendship-based stories, or other emotional kinds of stories about whatever’s in my heart. Music always plays a huge roll in the stories I write, and I always like to end the stories happily. I hate sad endings. One of the stories I’m writing, however, is non-fictional. It’s my autobiography, and I’ll talk about that in another blog. To get to the point, it’s about Celtic Woman, and how they’ve impacted my life. If you don’t know who Celtic Woman is, they’re an all-female Irish group with beautiful, angelic voices, and hearts bigger than the ocean. They’re my all-time favorite group. Their music is so beautiful! They’ve made a huge difference in my life, so I decided to write about it! It’s not finished yet, but I’m so excited to share it when it is!

I also really love to make YouTube videos. Besides posting music videos, I also have a vlog channel where I post all kinds of videos. Some of them are light-hearted and silly. Others are more serious. In my serious videos, I talk about Autism and being visually impaired, things I’ve been through, and a lot more. I haven’t posted a whole lot on that channel yet, but I hope I can reach people with those videos, just like I strive to do with my singing and my stories.

So, there you have it, a little bit, or maybe a lot, of information about me. I’m not trying to brag when I post about the good things that happen to me, and I’m not trying to beg for pity and attention when I talk about the bad. I just want to be honest, and tell my story. I’ve discovered how amazing it feels when someone tells their story, and you can totally, or even somewhat, relate to it. Then, you realize you’re not alone. I hope I can be that person for other people.

Visit Tiffany’s YouTube channel to hear her singing.

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